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NEW PRODUCTS 2020 - 2021

GREAT VALUE! Medicair Plus Sanitising Units

IN STOCK AT THE MOMENT - Grippaz Engineers Mate Gloves - BE QUICK!

Covid 19 Home & Work Bumper Safety Pack

TOTAL Gloves

Machine Washable Face Masks

Civil Use Face Masks

Protective Face Shields

DETOX Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes

V-TUF Hand Sanitiser Station

V-TUF Portable Hand Wash

Sanitize Hand Gels & Sprays

Covid 19 Safety Signs & Tape

Destaco Clamping Solutions

Tygris One Wipe & AntiBac

Titan Autodrains

Titan Timer Drain Module

Industrial PUR Ducting

Plastic Caps & Plugs

Ridgid Manual Pipe Benders

PCL Hose Reels

New PCL Single Clip Connectors

PCL Accura Qube Series 2 Fixed Tyre Inflation

Tecalemit Hand Pumps

Tecalemit Fuel Delivery Nozzles

Tecalemit Workshop Oil Collectors

Tecalemit Pneumatic Fresh Oil Pumps

Tecalemit Fuel Extraction

Tecalemit Fresh Oil Dispensers

Tecalemit Fuel Flow Meters

Tecalemit Electric Pump Dispensing Systems

AIR VOLUTION HR Polymer & Aluminium Pipe System

Aignep L & T Port 3 Way Mini Ball Valves

Professional Garage Equipment

Auto Electrical

Compressor Connection 2 Wire Hydraulic Hoses

FPS Combination Refrigeration Dryers

PhazAir 230 Series Screw Compressors 230v

Galv & Black Extended Barrel Nipples

Jamec Blowgun Additions

Norma Fuel Line Repair Kit

New Total Tools

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