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White Push-In Metric Range

Male Hex Stud BSPT & Metric

Female Hex Stud BSPT

Female Bulkhead BSPP

Straight Connector

Reducing Connector

Bulkhead Connector

Male Stud Elbow BSPT & Metric

Extended Male Stud Elbow BSPT & Metric

Male 45° Stud Elbow BSPT

Stem Elbow

Male Stud Banjo BSPT & Metric

Equal Elbow

Male Centre Leg Tee BSPT & Metric

Male Run Tee BSPT & Metric

Equal Tee

Multiple Tee

Male Stud Y BSPT

Stem Y

Equal Y

Equal Cross

Stem Adaptor BSPP & Metric

Push In Reducer

Blanking Cap

Flow Control Elbow BSPT & Metric

Inline Flow Control

3/2 Ball Valve Push In (Vented)

3/2 Ball Valve BSPT (Vented)

3/2 Ball Valve BSPT To Tube (Vented)

3/2 Ball Valve Tube To BSPT (Vented)

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