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John Guest Plumbing - Fittings Valves Piping & Accessories Range

John Guest Plumbing Catalogue & Technical Guide

PEX Barrier Pipe - Straight

PEX Barrier Pipe - Coil

Radiator Key

Male Coupler - Brass

Male Cylinder Adaptor- Brass

Cylinder Adaptor- Brass

Female Coupler - Tap Connector

Hose Connector

Straight Tap Connector

Tank Connector

Equal Straight Connector

Reducing Straight Connector

Conversion Connector

Slip Connector

PE Copper Coupler

Equal Elbow

Stem Elbow

45 deg Stem Elbow

Bend Tap Connector

Wing Back Elbow- Brass

Equal Tee

Reducing Tee

Stem Tee

Four Port Rail Manifold

Four Way Manifold



End Stop

Male Stem Adaptor- Brass

Female Stem Adaptor- Brass

Pipe Adaptor- Brass

Collet Locking Clip

Release Aid

Collet Cover



Thread Washer

Shut Off Valve Imperial & Metric

Shut Off Valve - Long Handle

Shut Off Valve

Shut Off Valve NPT

Stop Valve

Stop Valve - Brass

Emergency Shut Off Tap

Washing Machine Tap

Mounting Clip

Brass Drain Cock

Service Valve Chrome

Service Valve -Brass

Service Valve Plastic

Service Valve Chrome Tube to BSPP Female

Service Valve

Single Check Valve

Single Check Valve

Double Check Valve

Conduit Pipe

Bending Spring

Flexi Hose Speedfit to Speedfit

Flexi Hose Speedfit to BSPP with Service Valve

Flexi Hose Speedfit to BSPP

Pipe Insert

Superseal Pipe Insert

Pipe Clips And Spacers

Nail Clip

Cold Forming Bend

Conduit Elbow

Radiator Outlet Plate

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